Alfredo Di Lelio (Alfredo the first) in 1908 was just a young man with a great desire to work and a passionatelogo_big2
interest for the culinary art, who found his way to success and world fame starting from his parent’s small restaurant.

It all began when his wife Ines gave birth to their first son. She was very weak after the childbirth, and she didn’t feel like eating at all. Alfredo was terribly concerned and one evening he felt he must do something without delay.

He walked into the kitchen, firmly determined to prepare a dish which would both appeal to his wife and bring her, at the same time, the nourishment she needed. He thought of hand-made semolina noodles (lighter than flour noodles) prepared with excellent butter and fresh parmesan cheese. When the dish was ready, with a prayer to St. Anne, the protector of childbirth, he brought it to his wife, saying: “If you don’t want it, I will eat it!!!”. She accepted it, and she so thoroughly enjoyed it that she asked him to add it to the restaurant menu.
Alfredo’s “majestic noodles” took origin from such auspicious circumstances, and they certainly represented a turning point in their inventor’s life when he decided to open his own restaurant.

With his tireless work, he won the favour of his patrons who came to his restaurant in great number from all over the world. His most rewarding experience was his meeting with Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, the famous American movie stars, who visited Rome on their honey moon, during their first trip to Europe. They frequently enjoyed Alfredo’s cuisine at lunch and dinner during their stay, and then, before departing, they gratefully decided to leave him a souvenir, and offered him a golden fork and spoon, which have since become the emblem of the restaurant. with the meaningful inscription: to “the King of Fettuccine”. The world press picked up the news and turned it into a special attraction for numerous important personalities who flocked to Alfredo’s restaurant, curious to taste such famous fettuccine, the delicious product of deep loving care


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