The Official Dish of the IDIC 2011 Pesto alla Genovese

From Il Villaggio Jeddah
The 4th Edition of the International Day of Italian Cuisines is around the corner. Already a tradition the event will take place this January 17th and it will be a worldwide celebration of authentic and quality Italian Cuisine. Also here at Il Villaggio we take part in this celebrations and are the only official restaurant in Saudi Arabia participating.

This year´s official dish is PESTO ALLA GENOVESE, this delicious landmark of Italian Cuisines was originated in Genova, Region of Liguria and is one of the most reproduced, for better or for worse, dishes of our cooking tradition. As in the past, the backbone of the global ola of Pesto alla Genovese will be the GVCI associates from more than 40 countries but any Italian Food lover or any lover of good food can join us in this celebration.

Il Villaggio will feature on the day itself a themed dinner, hosted by Executive Chef Vincenzo Raschella, who will also give some insights and share with you everything he know’s about Pesto alla Genovese. It shall be no secret, but Chef Vincenzo is from the area of Genova and knows better than anyone else about Pesto!

We will have a simple, yet delicious menu for all guests until end of February, to celebrate this fantastic day and the International day of Italian Cusines!

Would you like to attend on the first night? We got free seats for the opening dinner! Just leave a comment below and state why we should pick you!


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